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Season 8 of AIR Time: 2017-18


An artist interview series held at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema/DFW 100 South Central Expressway, #14 • Richardson, TX 75080 (SW corner of Belt Line and Central)

Interview: 7:00-7:45pm – Movie begins promptly at 7:45pm • Admission: Tickets are $5 online through Alamo’s reservation system which gets you a $5 voucher for food and beverage. Reservations can usually be made 2 weeks prior to the event.

Season 8 of AIR Time features another stellar group of guest artists. And, because all AIR Time presentations are held at Alamo Drafthouse/DFW, guests are invited to stay after AIR Time, buy dinner and watch a movie that is somehow related to the guest artist for the evening. How fun and experiential is that? Previous AIR Time podcasts are available on iTunes.

Season 8 “AIR Time” Guest Artists

9/20/17  Heather Ross and Edward Crafts: Directors of Opera in Concert —
in partnership with 2017 Richardson Reads One Book (Sing for Your Life) and Half Price Books.

10/17/17  Chris Vognar: Arts and Culture Critic, Dallas Morning News
-Movie: NETWORK (1976)

11/14/17  Paulette Martsolf, Ally Coosh Contemporary, and Jim Lively, artist: -Movie: THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006)

2/20/18  Michael Gooden: Architect, M Gooden Design — residential design studio

3/13/18  Chris Garcia: Engineer, inventor, artist, clockmaker
-Movie: HUGO (2011)

4/17/18  Barbara Weinberger and Kurt Kleinman: Directors, Pegasus Theatre

*NOTE: Guest artists and movies are subject to change.