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Season 9 of AIR Time: 2018-19

Venue: Alamo Drafthouse DFW

Sept 11 – Dennis Kratz – The Circle by Dave Eggers in partnership with Richardson Reads One Book
Movie: BLADE RUNNER (1982) R 1hr 57m

October 9 – Cat Miltenberger – Mixologist (emailed her on 7/21)
Movie: THE GREAT GATSBY (2013) PG-13 2hr 23m

November 13 – Brianna Ruelas – local author, singer
Movie: ALMOST FAMOUS (2000) R 2hr 2m

Feb 12 – Decee Cornish – Storyteller
Movie: BIG FISH (2003) PG-13 2h 5min

March 19 – Kathy Tran – Photographer
Movie: BLOW-UP (1966) NR 1h 51m

April 9 – Mili Suleiman – Textile designer, graphic artist
Movie: THE DARJEELING LIMITED (2007) R 1hr 31m

Venue: Alamo Drafthouse DFW

9/20/17  Heather Ross and Edward Crafts: Directors of Opera in Concert —
in partnership with 2017 Richardson Reads One Book (Sing for Your Life) and Half Price Books.

10/17/17  Chris Vognar: Arts and Culture Critic, Dallas Morning News
-Movie: NETWORK (1976)

11/14/17  Paulette Martsolf, Ally Coosh Contemporary, and Jim Lively, artist: -Movie: THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006)

2/20/18  Michael Gooden: Architect, M Gooden Design — residential design studio

3/13/18  Chris Garcia: Engineer, inventor, artist, clockmaker
-Movie: HUGO (2011)

4/17/18  Barbara Weinberger and Kurt Kleinman: Directors, Pegasus Theatre

Venue: Alamo Drafthouse DFW

September 14, 2016
Dr. Robert Gregg and doctoral candidate Dario Villarreal, both working in Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas
Movie: SPARE PARTS (2015)

October 19, 2016
Jason Underwood and Blake Milton -Co-owners of Archie’s Guitars, 75080’s go-to spot from first purchases to lessons, they have it all.
Movie: WAYNE’S WORLD (1992)

November 16th, 2016
Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin of Brad Oldham Sculpture. They approach their craft in the same manner as they do their life, in collaboration.

February 15, 2017
Dr. Dallie Clark: Lebrecht Endowed Chair for Scholarly and Civic Engagement, Collin College: “The Letter as Art in the Digital Age”
Movie: THE NOTEBOOK (2004)

March 15, 2017
Alchemy Music Academy: Cristal Givens owner and manager

April 12, 2017
Sarah Riehm: Richardson award-winning playwright, former member of the Richardson Cultural Arts Commission
Movie: BIRDMAN (2014)


Venue: Alamo Drafthouse DFW

September 9
Bill DiGaetano: in partnership with Richardson Reads One Book
Movie: OCEAN’S 11 (1960)

October 14
Todd Fechter: Interim Dean, ATEC, UTD
Movie: THE MATRIX (1999)

November 11
Kevin and Jenny Galvan: Owner/proprietor of Haystack Burgers & Barley
Movie: CHEF (2014)

February 10
Jimmy Wallace: Dallas musician/guitar maker
Movie: TRUE STORIES (1986)

March 16
Mike Shelby: son of Carroll Shelby, Shelby Cobra fame
Movie: BULLITT (1968)

April 20
Melanie Moore: Exec. Director of the Contemporary Chorale
Movie: PITCH PERFECT (2012)

Venue: Alamo Drafthouse DFW

September 17
Tim O’Heir: Tony award-nominated sound designer

October 15
Loyd Cryer: Creator of Texas Frightmare Weekend

November 19
Jerry Dealey: JFK Historian
Movie: Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991)

February 5
Paul Taylor Dance Company reps (special event as this was the regional premier of the documentary and a fundraiser for AIR)

February 18
Katherine Clapner: Chef/owner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Movie: CHOCOLAT (2000)

March 18
James Wallace: Creative Manager, Alamo Drafthouse
Movie: ALIENS (1986)

April 8
Josh Habermann: Director, Dallas Symphony Chorus
Movie: AMADEUS (1984)

Venue: Alamo Drafthouse DFW

November 18
Roland Muzquiz: Percussionist & Director of Percussion Studies,
Richardson High School — Movie: THAT THING YOU DO (1996)

October 23
Kevin Carr: Founder, & Jamie Fulton: Head Brewer
Community Beer Company — Movie: STRANGE BREW (1983)

November 20
Alan Ackles: Nationally-acclaimed voiceover artist, actor and former
Richardson resident — Movie: SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (1994)

February 19
Sylvia and Howard Smith
The Bonsai Society of Dallas — Movie: THE KARATE KID (1984)

March 19
Lee Papert: President & CEO of the Dallas Film Society with
James Faust: Artistic Director of the Dallas Film Society — Movie: PRIMER (2004)

April 23
Erin Hannigan: Principal oboist with the DSO, as well as canine activist
Movie: BEETHOVEN (1992)

Venue: Richardson Theatre Centre

September 19
Dr. Dennis Kratz: Dean, School of Arts & Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas

October 17
Cecy Turner: Award-winning watercolorist and oil painter; Cottonwood Arts Festival participating artist

November 14
Clay Couturiaux: Director, Richardson Symphony Orchestra

February 20
Kristian Donaldson: Graphic Novelist

March 20
5 Second Rule: Irish band

April 17
ichelle Gibson: Award-winning Choreographer

Venue: shared between Repertory Company Theatre (RCT) and Richardson Theatre Centre (RTC)

September 21
Jennifer Ciobanu: Soprano, Professor at University of Texas at Arlington

October 19
Myron Stennet: Director of Visual Arts, K-12, Richardson ISD

November 16
Debra Carter: Executive Director, Repertory Company Theater (The REP)
Rachael Lindley: Artistic Director, Richardson Theatre Centre

February 15
David Fisher: Executive Director, Turtle Creek Chorale

March 21
Rhonda Miller: Art Dallas

April 18
Thomas Nynas: Graphic Designer and Creative Director, David Sutherland, Inc.

Venue: Renaissance-Richardson Hotel

October 20
Thomas Hutchings: Award-winning Trumpeter with the Lone Star Wind Orchestra

November 17
Russ Porter: Director, Children’s Chorus of Collin County

February 16
Kurt Rongey: Operations and Programming Manager, WRR Classical 101.1 FM

March 23
Scott Trent: City of Frisco’s Artist-in-Residence, arts advocate and creative thinkers

April 20
Dale Syverson: Director, Rich-Tones Chorus